Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio biedt Magento nieuwe tools waarmee retailers geweldige PWA-ervaringen kunnen ontwikkelen, implementeren en onderhouden

Tegenwoordig worden steeds meer aankopen gedaan via de mobiele telefoon. Het is dus belangrijk dat een webshop gebruiksvriendelijk en snel is, voor elk apparaat. Magento PWA Studio wordt gebruikt om Magento webwinkels te laten functioneren als Progressive Web Apps. Magento PWA Studio is een slimme oplossing om de mobiele shopping ervaring te verbeteren.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA) use modern technologies to provide a personalized experience to customers across devices and channels. For a Magento Web store, a PWA ensures that only changes relative to the current page are loaded, eliminating the need to refresh each page. This reduces server load and improves load time. Moreover, a PWA can behave like an app, eliminating the need to develop separate apps for different platforms.

Great user experience on any device

The principle behind a PWA is that website content should be accessible anywhere and on any device. PWA works with all available browsers and is responsive. The load time of a PWA can be 15x faster than on a responsive web shop. This ensures a smooth presentation on all devices, making pages load faster and thus optimizing the User Experience in terms of speed.



Also available offline

PWA Studio web shops store content in a device's cache to ensure that certain content can be displayed when a user is not connected to the Internet. Previously loaded pages remain available. Thus, the webshop is available even when the user is offline. In addition, a PWA is always up to date without the need for updates.



A PWA is fast and user-friendly, which can have positive effects on SEO ranking. For this, Google looks at speed, usability and to what extent browsers and devices are supported. In addition, PWAs do not have to meet the requirements of an app store.



Push notifications and strong branding in a PWA make it possible to make customers even more aware of an organization's added value. This allows a customer to identify more quickly with products and services.

App-like experience

PWAs are modern websites that can function like an app, but are not found in app stores. It offers the same experience and functionality as a native application on phones and tablets. A PWA can be bookmarked directly from the browser onto a cell phone. A user no longer needs to download an app from the app store. This can make customers visit the website more often. You could say that a PWA is a mobile site with an app-like experience.


One size fits all

Because Magento PWA Studio does not require different apps for Android and iOS, it is possible to save time with a PWA. One app can be used on all operating systems, allowing for faster time to market. There is no need to create different versions for Android, iOS and the website. This also means that only one system needs to be changed in terms of content and design.


Push notifications

With PWA, it is possible to send push notifications on Android, which can help keep an end user engaged and motivated to open the shop as an app and/or use the shop more often in the browser.



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