How UX and UI can improve e-commerce growth and scalability

How can you grow your e-commerce company by improving platform experience? Well, it is all about good foundations. We will tell you how to build them at our online roundtable on the 15th of November.


Understanding your customers and what they need is crucial for e-commerce success. How do you gather all the information you need? How do you make sure you create the most pleasing experience that keeps your customer loyal to your product or brand? And how do you create visual consistency across products, channels and departments? This is where UX and UI come in. During the roundtable, we will explain how UX and UI can improve e-commerce growth and scalability and why they are the fundamental building blocks for a good foundation in e-commerce.

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Jeroen van Heteren

User Experience Designer Youwe

Jeroen is a Senior User Experience designer at Youwe. He loves creating things and coming up with smart and inventive design solutions. Understanding the “why” of things is his superpower.

Johan Melis

Senior Visual Designer at Youwe

Johan is a Senior Visual Designer at Youwe. By bringing in structure and functionality to branding and design, he loves making things that work without compromising on the look of it.

Laura Rademaker

Customer Experience Manager G-Star

Laura is G-Star’s Customer Experience Manager. Together with Youwe, she implemented a completely new design system that improved G-Star's online presence. The company’s ongoing success meant that a lot of inconsistencies had built up in their design language over time. They needed a single truth to focus their design around.



Welcome & Introduction


Why understanding your customers is crucial for e-commerce success


Roundtable discussion & questions


The importance of UI and creating a design system


Roundtable discussion & questions


Successful customer case


Roundtable discussion & questions


Conclusion & ending

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